Intermediate School Education

Intermediate School Education

What We Offer

Our multi-age classroom provides individualized learning opportunities through interactive lessons and hands-on projects. We are an intentionally small program to allow for more student connection leading to a differentiated, supportive curriculum. Our innovative curriculum not only prepares students for success in high school but helps to support their social-emotional needs. Discovery students have a voice in their learning and in their community, allowing them to feel heard and seen.

By providing the opportunity to self-regulate and truly understand the learning process students develop a lifelong love for learning.

Our approach to individualized learning is informed by diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments, goal tracking, frequent one-on-one student/teacher advisory meetings, and review of data from online tools including the NWEA MAP tests given three times during the academic year. Qualitative and quantitative assessment data is shared with students and parents on an ongoing basis and during student-led, parent-teacher conferences that occur three times per year.


Our talented educators develop their own curriculum, adhering to Montana state standards, that demonstrates a passion for their content, meets the curiosity of their students, and challenges the students academically. Our English/language arts classes focus on building empathy through literature. The goal in our mathematics classes is to build students’ confidence in their problem-solving skills through inquiry, mathematical reasoning, and creativity. The science curriculum is designed to emphasize experiential learning through labs, engineering challenges, and critical thinking applications. In our social studies classes, we work to give the next generation of global citizens the skills and confidence to stand up for what they believe in, while also giving them the tools to communicate effectively. The art curriculum focuses on creating art through the use of different media and processes and studying art throughout history and culture to enhance critical thinking skills that allow students to solve problems with purpose, context, and creativity.

Each year, middle school students complete four Capstone Projects, which are multifaceted assignments that aim to instill specific skill sets. Our Capstone Projects are creatively designed to give students control over their learning experience with the teacher playing the role of a facilitator. This allows students to become more engaged with the project, while also allowing them to channel their creativity. 

Our outdoor education program allows students to spend more time learning outside instead of in a typical classroom. In the fall and spring, students enjoy going on nature walks, hikes, and the park. In the winter, students ski with ski instructors at Big Sky Resort, ice skate, and Nordic ski. In addition to promoting the importance of exercise, students are able to connect with peers in a non-academic environment.


We begin every day with a handwritten journaling prompt, followed by a discussion about the daily schedule and important reminders. The students have a different schedule for each day of the week, with a full schedule change every nine weeks that allows Discovery to meet the diverse needs of our students. During our lunch periods, students can bring lunch or have the option to walk with a teacher to a nearby restaurant to purchase food. Each of our teachers spends one day per week having lunch with the students to cultivate relationships outside of our structured class times. An example of our schedule is provided below.