School Counselor

At Discovery Academy, we invest in the personal and professional growth of our teachers and staff, and capitalize on their potential to deliver the best social, emotional and behavioral care for our students. The School Counselor is an integral member of the faculty, who, in consultation with and under the supervision of each school’s leadership team, takes an active role in supporting each learner holistically by building effective relationships with children, families and colleagues. As such, s/he is expected to make a significant contribution to the teaching and learning fabric of the school by partnering with staff, parents and members of the school community.  The school counselor and behavioral specialist works to ensure our children are fully supported socially, emotionally and academically under the guiding principles of Discovery Academy.

School Counselor/Behavioral Specialist Expectations:

  • The School Counselor/Behavioral Specialist will meet regularly as determined by school leaders to support individual learners in their social, emotional and academic growth.
  • The School Counselor/Behavioral will remain current with the requirements of statutory bodies and related authorities, particularly the state of Montana. Inherent in this position is a strong emphasis on research to remain up-to-date with the latest trends in school counseling in context with cultural norms. Therefore, a personal and professional commitment to self and school improvement are essential requirements for this job.
  • The School Counselor/Behavioral Specialist shall provide support to teachers, students and families in both of the schools. S/he will plan and facilitate professional learning to help staff develop skills in supporting and growing the whole child consistent with the Mission and Vision principles of Discovery Academy.
  • Under the supervision of the school leadership and staff, s/he will process with learners who are lagging in social, emotional and behavioral skills to act in accordance with the classroom expectations.
  • Collaborates to design and guide the implementation of a social, emotional and behavioral learning framework in accordance with standards Discovery Academy and Morningstar Learning Center expectations.
  • In consultation with the school leadership, s/he will serve learners directly or indirectly the majority of the time as needed. This may require one on one and/or small group learning opportunities or interventions.
  • Coach teachers in the effective implementation of classroom management /behavioral support strategies to ensure individual learners achieve at meeting classroom and individual goals and expectations.
  • Continuously reviews, analyzes and uses data to make knowledge-based decisions.
  • Uses readily-available research data on trends in the counseling and or social and emotional support strategies.
  • Stays well-informed of new developments in school counseling trends.
  • Collaborates with other school staff in identifying appropriate teaching strategies to meet the individual needs of the learner.
  • Communicates frequently with teachers and families pertaining to individual student achievement and goal setting.
  • Collaborates with school leadership, staff and families to ensure consistency in the personalized approach to support individual learners and small groups.
  • Leads small groups identified by data analysis.
  • Works with academic staff to resolve issues and conflict arising from classroom behavior and/or academic progress.
  • In consultation with the school leadership, develops and provides input into the development of a comprehensive school counseling, social-emotional and behavioral programs.
  • Maintains accurate records and maintains confidentiality pertaining to individual student and family relationships.
  • Serves as a mandatory reporter for child protection and safety.
  • Facilitates and assists teacher and students in mindfulness growth mindset and other personal success strategies.
  • Provides crisis-based counseling during psychologically delicate situations.
  • Provides regular counseling services for students identified by their parents and or administrators.
  • Regularly communicate with parents during all appropriate informal or formal school occasions (ex. Parent Nights) as identified by Discovery Academy Leadership teams.
  • Facilitates and assists teachers with targeted personalized classroom management and crisis response, intervention strategies with IEP and non-IEP students.


Disclaimer: The job description above provides an overview of the nature and level of work performed by the School Counselor/Behavioral Specialist. It should by no means be interpreted as a cumulative list of duties. Other related responsibilities may be delegated to the School Counselor/Behavioral Specialist to advance the Mission and Vision of both Discovery Academy.

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