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Empowering The Next Generation

At Discovery Academy, we believe that every child has the potential to discover their passions and achieve their dreams. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide a pathway for each student that aligns with their individual aspirations and needs. We cultivate a growth mindset that allows for mistakes and encourages passion and perseverance.

Discovery Life

We believe that education should take into account everything students experience during each moment of their time at school.


A comprehensive curriculum is used by trained teachers to create an individualized learning plan for every child that meets their unique needs.


Knowledge comes alive outside the four walls of the classroom. At Discovery Academy, we believe in exposing our students to new worlds, experiences, and challenges.


From BBQ’s to fundraisers and get-togethers, our events are all about having fun and creating memories. A family that cheers on together, stays together! Together we can do more.

Discover The Endless Possibilities

Committed To Delivering

the very best education for the children in our community

We understand that the future of our community depends on the success of its young people, and we are dedicated to helping every student reach their full potential. Whether it’s through innovative lesson plans, hands-on learning experiences, or extra support for those who need it, we strive to provide a top-quality education that will set our students up for success in whatever path they choose.

Meet Our Head of Schools & Teachers

Leading With Excellence

  • Scott Poloff

    Head of Schools
  • Beth Marlington

    Assistant Head of School
  • Betsy Meyer

    EC Classroom Teacher
  • Molly DeMarco

    IS/HS Social Studies
  • Maeve Clinton

    School Counselor
  • Carly Wilbur

    EC Classroom Teacher
  • Kate Denniston

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Noemi Duffy

    Spanish Teacher
  • Brodie Long

    EC Classroom Teacher

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