High School

Rigorous Academic Curriculum & Choice

Through online curriculum providers, students have access to a wide variety of high school courses, including AP, honors, and dual-enrollment courses.

Flexibility & Convenience

Courses are self-paced. Our teachers work with students to develop individualized course-completion schedules that focus on mastery of content while also providing the freedom to maintain independent work, sports, volunteer or other schedules.  Because all courses are online, students can access their courses 24/7 and take their work with them anywhere.

Academic Advising & Post-Secondary Planning

We work with students and parents to create a four-year educational plan that is personalized to student level and interests.  Each year throughout high school, we’ll provide information and guidance to support students and help them stay on schedule for preparing for college and other post-secondary pursuits.

Fully Accredited & NCAA-Approved

The online high school programs are accredited by AdvancED.  NCAA-approved courses are available.


With our guidance, students choose an online course provider and register for courses. Discovery Academy teachers supplement the online -based learning with high levels of support and supervision.


Course registration costs vary by online provider.  Based on our research, the cost for full-time enrollment for online courses can range from $2,500 to $3,500 per year, depending on program and number of credits.

Potential extra costs may include:

  • AP and concurrent enrollment fees
  • ACT and SAT preparation courses
  • Some courses may require textbooks
  • A computer is required, but not provided by BSDA to complete coursework

*The tuition for individual courses includes enrollment in one academic session.  If a student needs more time to complete a course, a re-enrollment fee may apply.  If a student completes a course before the end of the session, he or she may choose to begin a new course within the same subject area.   

**Group support will be offered for content areas (math, science, language arts, etc.) that have a minimum enrollment of 5 students.