Art Program

Discovery Art Program

Big Sky Discovery Academy is committed to cultivating visual literacy, instilling an appreciation of the arts on a local and global scale.  Students will explore and experiment with various media including: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media. Critical thinking is crucial to making insightful connections and thoughtful artwork; we work to impress upon our students the importance of thinking critically about the meaning and purpose in their art. Throughout our program students learn to take these connections far beyond the art classroom. Gaining artistic insight from various cultures and history from around the world will help students to take art out of the classroom and to develop real world connections.

An integral part of our art program at Discovery Academy involves a real world approach. Students will learn to think like an artist, cultivate their own artistic style, voice and think beyond into the world. This approach helps students develop and embrace a far more advanced way of thinking, and approaching problem solving beyond just the arts. Students learn to express themselves through the arts, to develop their imagination and curiosity, and to embrace beauty and originality, thereby enriching life and nourishing the body, mind and spirit.

Participation in the arts encourages students to react to, record and share their impressions of the world.  At Big Sky Discovery Academy, art is not only a means for a student to understand and connect to the world at large, but also provides opportunity for each student to pursue their own creative identity.


Individualized curriculum, self paced academics, and developmental growth allows for pride and ownership.


Familiarity with peers, teachers, and classroom fosters capability and confidence.


Low-ratio, mixed aged learning environment allows for practice being a leader and contributing community member.


Given the opportunity to self-regulate and truly understand the learning process develops into a life long love for learning.